Endeavor together to make a better society
Innovating Goods for The Greater Good
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Endeavor together to make a better society
Innovation for the Greater Good of People
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Endeavor together to make a better society
Innovation for the Greater Good of Planet
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Creating Goodness for
Others is Our Belief

Feel good, be good and do good are things that are connected within ourselves.

I am very grateful that Paragon has accomplished this much. This is all thanks to the hard work and innovation of all Paragonians and the support of the community, especially the Indonesian people, for our products and programs. I am very grateful and hope we can do greater and go further to achieve our dreams together.
We dream of forming an innovative ecosystem where everyone can do good to one another and turn Indonesia into a better society for the next generations.

Nurhayati Subakat

Founder of Paragon



With more than 10.000 employees that we call Paragonian all over Indonesia and Malaysia, we keep on innovating for better products, programs, and ways of working to create more goodness to the society.
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Innovation as Our DNA

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